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Constantly searching, Guerola is qualified not only to develop new products, but also to offer integrated and customized solutions.  of the most important features of the Company.

All processes are performed by our staff in our own facilities of more than 18.000 m2 (R&D, production, logistic storage, etc.).

As reflected in our objectives, environmental protection and conservation are essential components in our organizational strategy. GUEROLA, S.A. is actively working towards achievement certification of our environmental managements system to ISO 14001 international standard.

Guerola collaborates with carefully selected logistics partners.The adapting and packing alternative share part of the logistics to offer efficient solutions, in accordance with the customer’s needs.



To be a preferred partner for our clients, with whom we seek to build long-term relationships. Work with them in an integrated network, gain their confidence in the delivery of innovative solutions and reliable service.


Contribute to the success of our clients by providing beneficial solutions for both. The closeness to the client, putting our experience at your service and knowledge, fulfilling our commitment to the quality of the product and the service provided. A technical assistance that guarantees the good performance of the product and the optimization of the process. Commitment to the protection of the environment. Zero tolerance with work accidents. Continuous growth of the company, maintaining a high responsibility and modernization.

In GUEROLA, S.A. We develop products according to the demands of our customers and current regulations. Our technical department works together for a common project: continuous improvement, applied research, and being able to provide solutions to the technical issues of the market.

Result of this work over time, is the wide range of innovative products that Guerola, S.A. offers to different industries. The high technology of its products places Guerola, S.A. at the forefront of chemical activity in constant progress.

GUEROLA, S.A. has acquired, with its integrated management system (SIG), a great commitment to comply with the different  and requirements set by international standards.

In a pro-active mentality and always ensuring legal compliance as a starting point, our organization aims to obtain the global objective of implementing an integrated management system that encompasses compliance with the following cross-cutting international standards:

ISO 9001 (Certifiated). ISO 14001 (Implemented). OHSAS 18001 (In development). ISO 26000 (In development).

Our overall goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers by designing and developing efficient products and processes, always taking into account, the well-being of the members of our organization, respect for the environment that surrounds us and the obligation inherent in our organization, with the ethical and social responsibility acquired with the whole society. To achieve our objective, the management system integrates four basic pillars:

Within our desire for continuous improvement, our management system also aims to integrate the requirements of the following international standards at the sector level. Power supply: BRC BRC / IOP IFS ISO 22000 Cosmetics: ISO 22716 BFPC IFS Consumer Products Automotive: ISO / TS 16949